2022: 18XT

The 18XT built upon the team’s previous 4WD vehicles to decrease weight while increasing performance, durability, and maneuverability! It features a new and improved overrunning front differential, an electronic shifter, and a tuned suspension for a smoother ride. In addition, in the 2021-22 season, the team completed more testing and validation than ever before, proof testing on-car components to their expected load before competition use, while pushing others beyond their limits to analyze their failure modes. At our Tennessee and Rochester competitions, it was clear that our hard work paid off!<



1st place in design presentation

20th place in sled pull

21 Endurance laps

Successfully completed suspension and traction course

Received +100 bonus points overall for use of 4WD system

Arizona competition still to come!


2021: 17XT

The 17XT was the team’s 2nd iteration of their 4WD system and got to compete in the Louisville, Kentucky event! With a brand new custom front differential and anti roll bar, the 17XT’s traction and maneuverability performance was a huge improvement from the 16XT’s. The 17XT was the JHU Baja’s first 4WD car to go through technical inspection and pass 4WD check at competition –  a huge step for the team!



4th place in sales presentation

11th place for overall knowledge event


17th place in maneuverability

Received +100 bonus points overall for use of 4WD system



2020: 16XT

As JHU Baja’s very first 4WD vehicle, the 16XT marks a turning point in the team’s history. Due to the 2020 dynamic competitions being cancelled, the team didn’t get a chance to see the 16XT perform, but the robust design was outfitted with a data acquisition system and put to the test during multiple drive days. 

2019: 15x - Alfred

The team made landmark progress this year by taking home 8th Place Overall in California and joining the ranks of the 11x as a top-ten car! Some of the key features of the 15x included more durable, manufacturable components and putting a stronger emphasis on testing.

California: 8th Place Overall (3rd Place In Sales)

Tennessee: 19th Place Overall

2018: 14x - Bernard

2017: 13x - Ulysses

2016: 12x - Hector

2015: 11X

2014: X10

2013: 910

2012: 810

2011: 710

2010: 610