Blue Jay Racing Alumni

It’s incredibly important to recognize the alumni who have worked so hard to build our program as students. The number of people who have dedicated an unimaginable amount of time and effort to JHU Baja is uncountable, and this page only holds a small sampling of those individuals.  The immense contributions of those who have called themselves member of Blue Jay Racing will have great impact on the engineering and leadership education of students for many years to come.

We wouldn’t be where we are without you!

Alumni Shoutouts


Bobby Ng

Mechanical Engineering 2007

Vehicle Engineering Lead at Range 

Blue Jay Racing Co-Founder

Adam_profile - Adam Baumgartner

Adam Baumgartner

Mechanical Engineering 2010

Electrical Engineer at Bowery Farming

“Team Parent”

Anna Goodridge

Mechanical Engineering 2017

Hopkins LCSR

Faculty Advisor 2020-2023

2023 Alumni - 19XT

Lance Phillips

JHU Mechanical Engineering ’23

Suspension Lead, Team Captain

Chassis Architecture at Lucid Motors



Favorite Memory: “Landing a jump on top of another car in Tennesse, and [both] continuing on as if nothing happened!”

Ari Miller

JHU Mechanical Engineering ’23

Controls Lead, Testing Lead

Testing engineer at Tesla

Favorite Memory: “I love all of a car’s firsts… the first time rolling, first driving… maybe even first rollover!”

Marcus Montisano

Mechanical Engineering ’23

Suspension Design, Graphics Lead



Favorite Memory:Flipping the car during Oshkosh sled pull!”

2022 Alumni - 18XT

Eleanor O’Callaghan

JHU Mechanical Engineering ’22

Drivetrain Lead, CFO, Team Captain

Favorite Memory: I can never forget the time I removed the transfer case from the 17XT at our Louisville competition in 2021. You can’t even imagine the amount of oil that ended up on my pants!”

Sophie Dunn

JHU Mechanical Engineering ’22

Frame Lead, Suspension Lead, CFO

Mechanical engineer at Tesla, chassis and suspension design


Favorite Memory: “It’s like how can I pick just one – you know? Just like so many!”

Alex Klein

Mechanical Engineering ’22

Controls Lead, Testing Lead

Mechanical Engineer at Ball Aerospace

Favorite Memory:Passing brake check first try at comp!”

2019 Alumni - 17XT


Nathan Kalieda

JHU Mechanical Engineering ’21

Suspension Lead, Team Captain

Structures Design at Blue Origin


Additional Team Spotlights

Peter Cremona-Simmons

Mechanical Engineering ’12

All Subsystems

Career: Honda R&D Americas LLC

Favorite Memory: Top ten finish in maneuverability 2010 or 2011. We learned how to setup the car to three wheel around corners.

Alex Strachan

Applied Math & Statistics ’11

Career: Software Engineer in San Francisco, currently working at Lob as a tech lead of the core services team

Favorite Memory: My most memorable achievement was badgering the 2009 car that did not turn around the land maneuverability course. It was a success (albeit our finishing position was only ahead of the DNFs).

Adam Baumgartner

Mechanical Engineering ’10

Drivetrain & Frame

Career: Honda R&D Americas Inc., Polaris Industries, XStream Trucking

Favorite Memory: I really enjoyed the opportunity to be captain of the team for 3 years and to be able to come back and see the later team-members continue to improve the program. Its really awesome to see something continue improving with insights from new faces.

Avik De

Engineering Mechanics ’10

Suspension & Frame

Career: Robotics Ph.D., Founded Ghost Robotics

Favorite Memory: After a really depressing first day in Montreal where Adam and I were the only attendees and we were struggling to even get the car into the trailer, I remember being on the verge of packing up and not even competing. In the end we stayed, Austin joined us, and it ended up one of my favorite competitions with lots of fun driving, and even Adam finishing the endurance race while holding the broken steering column between his thighs.

The contributions of all our alumni are important to us!  So, if you’re a Blue Jay Racing Alum and want to be featured on this page, email the current team captain, and we’ll be happy to add you!